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PHP 7.1 packages

Added by Ian Littman over 2 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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We've got 7.0 packages (thanks!) but no 7.1 packages yet. Compilation process etc. should be similar. Any chance prebuilt 7.1 equivalents of 7.0 packages currently available could be made available, e.g. via the php71-* prefix?


#1 Updated by Valery Kartel over 2 years ago

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I submit a patch with upgrade to 7.1 about 10 days ago and update it to coexistence with php5 a few days ago.
I have no authority to accept those commits in aports.git and have no any feedback about the state of last commits.

I'll try to escalate it to more authoritative one.

#2 Updated by Andy Postnikov over 2 years ago

Looks here's misunderstanding in contributor's guide

@Valery you're using mailing lists to submit patches but I'm using to github PRs
Somehow github processed faster so here's conflicts

I got discussion at IRC about inclusion of PHP 7.1 into 3.5 release and since it now in RC stage there was suggestion to postpone 7.1 til next release because of incompatibilities with other php extensions

#3 Updated by Yanzi Sun over 2 years ago

PHP 7.1.1 is already released. Should we add php 7.1 package now?

#4 Updated by Timo Teräs over 2 years ago

This is work-in-progress, see:

#5 Updated by Jakub Jirutka about 2 years ago

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community/php7 has been updated to 7.1.4 and all php7-* packages rebuilt.

#6 Updated by Natanael Copa about 2 years ago

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