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08:30 PM Alpine Linux Feature #7400: Feature request: sort apk search results alphabetically
I don't know. It would slow down processing. For interactive use, that's fine, but I have some scripts that call @apk...


08:58 AM Alpine Linux Bug #380: "apk version" only shows up-to-date packages
For archival purposes (reading closed/rejected issues), it'd be nicer if this were categorized under the @apk-tools@ ...
08:41 AM Alpine Linux Bug #5362: Booting from a fully encrypted disk requires four incorrect passphrase attempts
I'm not experiencing this with Alpine 3.6 and syslinux.
But in any case, this issue is mis-categorized. It shouldn...
07:28 AM Alpine Linux Bug #6893: Invalid strdupa implementation in /usr/include/string.h
Has been reported on musl mailing list:
06:29 AM Alpine Linux Feature #6454: Package request: texlive-core
The classes are probably in the "texlive package":
06:22 AM Alpine Linux Bug #6267: Sudo preserve home inconsistent between Ubuntu and Alpine
Probably you can work around this by setting different flags in the respective @/etc/sudoers@ file. For reference, he...


08:08 PM Alpine Linux Bug #5690: main/llvm: backport patch to the stable branch
Merged in commit:3ff479a.
Close issue?
08:06 PM Alpine Linux Feature #4214: Package request: julia
Package supplied:
Close this issue?
07:44 PM Alpine Infrastructure Bug #5721: TLS certificate is for only, is missing
Seems to be fixed, closed?
07:42 PM Alpine Linux Bug #5001: Let's encrypt on ARM
If solved, bug can be closed...?

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