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02:52 PM Alpine Linux Bug #4280: acf-iptables crashes
Works perfectly, again. Thanks!


07:18 PM Alpine Linux Bug #4280: acf-iptables crashes
By the way, this problem did not occur on Alpine 3.1.x.


12:48 PM Alpine Linux Bug #4281 (Closed): named won't accept -u parameter to change user
The init.d file of _named_ calls:...
12:28 PM Alpine Linux Bug #4280 (Closed): acf-iptables crashes
There seems to be a bug in _acf-iptables_:...
12:22 PM Alpine Linux Bug #4279 (Closed): Squid requires --with-openssl to handle SSL encrypted connections
Please, add "--with-openssl" to the build options of Squid to allow the handling SSL connections, just like in previo...


01:25 PM Alpine Linux Bug #3955 (Closed): BIND9 does not allow AAAA record to be filtered
Clients in an IPv6 capable LAN get confused with external AAAA records, if the WAN uplink doesn't support IPv6. Whene...


12:27 AM Alpine Linux Bug #3367 (Closed): fetchmail crashes because of missing folder
On systems with a tmpfs mounted into /var/run, fetchmail will crash right after the start-up due to the default folde...


09:09 AM Alpine Linux Bug #3350 (Closed): Snort does not support PPPoE interfaces
In order to enable Snort's support for PPPoE interfaces, please, add the following build option:...


10:24 AM Alpine Linux Bug #3059 (Closed): Runscript of 'named' (BIND) has two depend() sections
The file /etc/init.d/named has two separate depend() sections, which may not be what we really want....


09:03 PM Alpine Linux Bug #2837: [3.x.x] Minor bugs in package xendomains
Tested on my physical router, removing the 'checkpath' in /etc/init.d/xendomains and adding the 'after localmount' to...

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