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07:59 AM Alpine Linux Bug #10227: USB support missing from opensc packages !
John Doe wrote:
> Ok, now it works but would it not be sensible to make ccid and pcsc-lite-libs dependencies of open...


11:48 AM Alpine Linux Revision a0a82cc2: community/wiringpi: enable on aarch64
aarch64 works on rpi3 so this makes sense
11:38 AM Alpine Linux Revision f83a1e0c: main/perl-cgi: upgrade to 4.42
11:36 AM Alpine Linux Revision de5f97e4: main/perl-term-readkey: upgrade to 2.38
11:35 AM Alpine Linux Revision 7ebc32c2: main/perl-file-slurp: upgrade to 9999.27
11:33 AM Alpine Linux Revision a1069146: main/pcsc-lite: upgrade to 1.8.25
11:04 AM Alpine Linux Bug #9549 (Resolved): Raspberry Pi 3B+ WiFi - Unable to set region, possible udev issue
Fixed in edge and 3.9-stable now.
11:03 AM Alpine Linux Revision 4d4de601: scripts/ remove manual (now redundant) clm_blob spec
the scripts have been updated to pick up clm_blobs automatically
(cherry picked from commit 3ff07216525cc27827f12f16...
11:03 AM Alpine Linux Revision 13a39a8f: main/alpine-conf: include associated firmware files to modloop
ref #9549
(cherry picked from commit 96bda76be60e16d17e26feb82e7686a865b6695c)
11:03 AM Alpine Linux Revision 51102941: main/linux-firmware: upgrade to 20190322, update rpi firmwares
* update rpi wifi firmware, use better source
* update rpi bluetooth firmware
* purge additional source code files

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