Timo Teräs





12:20 PM Alpine Setup Scripts Revision c786cb5c (alpine-conf): update-kernel: include associated firmware files to modloop
Some drivers reference only the .bin but require additional
files such as .$board.txt or .clm_blob. Include all files...


06:15 AM Alpine Linux Revision 7075963d: community/libbluray: upgrade to 1.1.2


01:44 PM Alpine Linux Revision 6585a28a: testing/fwupd: skip tests if usb not available
01:31 PM Alpine Linux Revision e713477e: testing/fwupd: fix test suite in builders without usb hub
If no USB devices are found, things will fail with:
Failed to get USB context: failed to init libusb: Other error [-...
01:03 PM Alpine Linux Revision 0b58e5ab: testing/libsmbios: fix rpath handling
upstream rpath support broken, fix manually
12:34 PM Alpine Linux Revision d9610b23: testing/{libsmbios_c,fwupd}: build fixes
restrict arch, disable rpath
12:28 PM Alpine Linux Revision d41429e1: testing/libsmbios_c: new aport
library for interacting with Dell SMBIOS tables
12:28 PM Alpine Linux Revision ed65a963: main/dbus: consistent machine-id generation, simplify init.d
generate /etc/machine-id in both init.d and post-install scripts
for consistency. modernize init.d.
12:28 PM Alpine Linux Revision d5aefcf0: testing/fwupd: new aport
Firmware update daemon


01:24 PM Alpine Linux Revision 5353b493: community/libsoup: depend on schema for 'org.gnome.system.proxy'
otherwise libsoup users will abort with:
GLib-GIO-ERROR **: 15:31:03.634: Settings schema 'org.gnome.system.proxy' is...

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