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10:19 AM Alpine Linux Bug #7587 (Resolved): GoAccess no longer support GeoIP
Applied in changeset commit:2944d1536925be4120b6e14a91de57515a4f0412.
10:18 AM Alpine Linux Revision 2944d153: main/goaccess: re-enable geoip
fixes #7587
(cherry picked from commit 79289613b08a2dc8e54e52e92844ad900cb97dc1)
10:16 AM Alpine Linux Revision 79289613: main/goaccess: re-enable geoip
ref #7587
09:35 AM Alpine Linux Revision 42fdc0b1: community/cacti: upgrade to 1.1.13


03:58 PM Alpine Linux Bug #7545 (Resolved): [3.6] evince: command injection via filename in tar-compressed comics archi...
Applied in changeset alpine:commit:e2b8e287585adb44cd8bb5de8f084c395afd0af3.
03:03 PM Alpine Linux Revision e2b8e287: community/evince: security upgrade to 3.24.1 (CVE-2017-1000083)
fixes #7545
02:58 PM Alpine Linux Bug #7611 (Resolved): mkinitfs: features.d/ext4 needs to depend on crc32
Applied in changeset commit:a94e12d836ae8feda91ec2ca1c19eecb2491e97d.
02:58 PM Alpine Linux Revision a94e12d8: main/mkinitfs: fix crc32 module deps for ext4
fixes #7611
(cherry picked from commit 32dd6f16bf1645ffdf1f6019575fc130702fa047)
02:56 PM Alpine Linux Feature #7616 (Resolved): Docker Volume plugin local-persist as a new package?
Applied in changeset commit:b4d83a4728d6a19d766ab0ab1f53e27aef2d6407.
02:55 PM Alpine Linux Revision b4d83a47: testing/docker-volume-local-persist: new aport
Local Persist Volume Plugin for Docker
fixes #7616

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