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03:03 PM Alpine Linux Feature #10147: Kernel: include driver for Realtek RTL8822BE
I dont know if there exist any ARM machine with this chipset. I think we can enable it on x86_64 and x86 only for now...
12:10 PM Alpine Linux Feature #9041 (Resolved): Upgrade Firefox to version 61 and enable sndio
firefox was updated to 61 with alpine:commit:"a61448daa60bc46f1a6a707e8a48d3abe7613a77".
Please create separate ti...
12:08 PM Alpine Linux Bug #7276 (Closed): Update Firefox in edge to 53.0.2
fixed long time ago
11:43 AM Alpine Linux Bug #6552 (Resolved): firefox-esr>45 and firefox>50.1 should depend on nss>=3.26
Applied in changeset commit:561517d32cb741ba50006d77bbbc49e674911127.
11:41 AM Alpine Linux Revision 561517d3: community/firefox-esr: set required version of nss
fixes #6552
11:40 AM Alpine Linux Revision 1b41c2f6: testing/firefox: set required version of nss
ref #6552
11:37 AM Alpine Linux Bug #7409 (Closed): Firefox dependencies broken in edge
I believe this was fixed long time ago.
11:36 AM Alpine Linux Bug #8756 (Resolved): Package request: Firefox 59.0.2
this was fixed with alpine:commit:"1270b6edc7173822bde0f02e009c1cb65ae50698"
11:35 AM Alpine Linux Bug #8818 (Closed): firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
11:33 AM Alpine Linux Bug #8976 (Resolved): Firefox-esr x86, no widgets
i believe this was fixed with alpine:commit:"e50084cec5d7820821c2f85b2c22d1ae0dd8cf29"

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