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01:33 PM Alpine build tools Bug #9974: abuild depends on gcc
BTW I think that direct use of @gcc@ should be actually replaced with @$CC@ there (I mean setting CBUILD), even if gc...


01:08 AM Alpine Infrastructure Bug #3615: Mailing list web archive need some thorough revamp
Today I've seen HyperKitty that is used by Adelie Linux and I think it should be considered to switch AL ML archives ...


12:32 PM Alpine Linux Feature #8425 (Closed): Improve fuse and fuse3 packaging to make them co-installable
At this moment fuse3 is still in testing, but it will be possibly moved to main in future. Let's assume for now that ...


03:37 PM Alpine Linux Feature #5550: Package request: sysbench
What was the reason for closing old ticket instead of marking this one as duplicate of #3956?
11:54 AM Alpine Linux Bug #8343: Package change: curl-dev should depend on musl-dev
You installed only @gcc@ beside @curl-dev@, which is not good enough for proper C/C++ build environment in Alpine Lin...


03:07 PM Alpine Linux Bug #7093: Issue with getmntent_r with overlay/overlay2 with /proc/mounts entries >=1024 bytes
ncopa mistyped issue number in its commit:874cfb1f, so it didn't show in this ticket automatically.
02:22 PM Alpine Linux Feature #4969: Package request: TeX Live
Removed 2015 from the subject, as there is no point in looking into the past. We have to look into the future!
(And ...
01:39 PM Alpine Linux Bug #5757 (Closed): Problems caused by commit ccc056dbf9d3
I moved the page on the wiki:
I w...


02:57 PM Alpine Linux Feature #3610 (Resolved): Package request: elfutils
It seems that elfutils 0.168 (2016-12-28) landed in AL to testing with commit commit:69a9add8425a3ac (2017-02-14) and...


02:15 PM Alpine Linux Feature #4555 (Resolved): Package request: RHash
Latest version: 1.3.4 [2016-11-06]
It's in edge's community repo now, so it will be available in AL 3.5.

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